Cancer Warrior Poetry (1 of 3)

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A Tribute to Diann

Born as one of many
In her loving mother’s band;
Destined for bohemian fate,
This gypsy of the clan.

An independent soul – yet selfless –
Trial to understand;
Serving all her focus, but
Ne’er bowed to any man.

Ever ready with a smile, and
Keen to lend a hand;
Eyes with depth – yet distance –
Ever watchful as they scan.

Quick to win your confidence,
A prize to have as friend;
A strong and loving heart beats in
The bosom of Diann.

She feels your pulse and senses what’s
Intended by your plan;
She cares for what you care about,
And turns your can’t to can.

She’s always there to share the load,
Both partner and a fan;
She’ll have your back and take the flack
Whene’er you make a stand.

She never seeks the center stage,
No fame does she demand;
Success is yours ‘though work was hers
As rider for the brand.

Uniquely individual –
A diamond in the sand;
She’s simply irreplaceable,
Thank God for our Diann.

— BDaddy, May 2015