Cancer Warrior Poetry (2 of 3)

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The Courage of Diann

Everyone’s “a hero”,
So our slanted media says;
But if everyone’s a hero
That means heroism’s dead.

Warriors for a cause who fight
With heart can earn the claim;
But paycheck/profit “patriots”
Should hang their heads in shame.

The donning of a uniform
Does not a hero make;
Nor does droning innocents
For corporate earning’s sake.

A hero makes a difference,
A hero takes a stand;
A hero fights with spirit, like
The courage of Diann.

Diann’s a cancer warrior
That’s fighting for her life;
Her danger’s clear and present,
Not some orchestrated strife.

The demon Diann fights was
Brought about by human hands:
Spawned by industrial ecocide
And advertisers’ plans.

Endeavoring to persevere,
She struggles with the pains
That “modern medicine” won’t ease
And herbs cannot constrain.

If God exists in Heaven
It is time he showed his hand:
Relief should be his reward for
The courage of Diann.

— BDaddy, June 2015