BDaddy Has Some Bad News

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It is with misty eyes I share with you the sad news that Diann Pearson (my beloved Mama D) has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. This web page says it all:

She began having problems swallowing food several weeks ago, and those problems have worsened day by day (dysphagia). What she can get down often comes back up within a few minutes (regurgitation). We took her to her doctor who referred her to an endocrinologist thinking the problem might be thyroid-related. An ultrasound test showed it was not thyroid-related, so next her doctor scheduled a barium swallow test. That test showed a mass in her esophagus (tumor) and the doctor then scheduled her for a CT scan before leaving to go on vacation.

Before her doctor returned from vacation, Diann’s condition worsened to the point where she was physically exhausted from coughing, gagging and vomiting all night so I took her to the Jackson Memorial Hospital Emergency Room on Monday Feb 9. After a 25-hour stay there she was admitted to the hospital, a feeding tube was inserted into her stomach to keep her from starving, and a CT scan was performed. As per the attached results, the tumor growing in her esophagus is malignant, the cancer has spread to nearby neck tissue and lymph nodes, and may possibly have reached her lungs.

Diann was released from the hospital on Thursday Feb 19 and immediately entered into the hospital’s outpatient radiation and chemotherapy treatment program. A PET scan is scheduled for Tuesday Feb 24 to determine the stage of her cancer and the best treatment plan. Please pray the results of that scan show a route to recovery.



P.S. Please do not contact Diann directly without first speaking with me.

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Her Caregiver

Her Caregiver

Help Diann Pearson (DP) beat Esophageal Cancer (EC) with a monthly donation towards her medical & living expenses while she gets chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and other medical treatments for cancer of the esophagus.