Malignant Esophageal Tumor

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Help Esophageal Cancer (EC) combatant Diann Pearson (DP) beat Esophagus Cancer!Help Diann Pearson (DP) beat Esophageal Cancer (EC) by pledging a monthly donation towards her medical and living expenses while undergoing chemotherapy, radiation treatment and surgery. Sponsorships are also available for you or your family, club, group, business, organization, church, charity or cause.

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Nothing good ever happens to me on Friday the 13th, and this year it came two months in a row. On this day one month ago, JMH oncologists Amrita Desai and Raphael Yechieli unexpectedly appeared in room 634W and did their best to gently break the news to us that Diann had a malignant esophageal tumor. And in the surreal four-week whirlwind that’s ensued, our lives have been changed in ways that perhaps only those who’ve been down this road can fully comprehend.

On this Friday the 13th, I hope the Force will be with us for a change. It certainly was yesterday! It took a couple of dozen faxes and emails, several phone calls and a little help from a couple of angels at JMH (Mara Chavannes and Maria Martin) to make it happen, but by 4:00pm ET yesterday (1) a prescription for Diann’s feeding pump was faxed to Zask Medical in Arlington VA, and (2) FedEx had delivered the Ensure Plus to prime it with we’d ordered via Amazon less than 24 hours before. Now we just have to wait for the pump to get here – hopefully it shipped before the stroke of midnight on the 12th!

Diann and I are extremely grateful to the members of the Pearson family who paid for her pump, and to the angels at JMH who helped us get it configured and prescribed.

BDaddy :-)

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Her Caregiver

Her Caregiver

Help Diann Pearson (DP) beat Esophageal Cancer (EC) with a monthly donation towards her medical & living expenses while she gets chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and other medical treatments for cancer of the esophagus.